Process Paper For Benchmark

This was honestly one of my favorite projects of this year so far. I say this because it was on a topic that I am passionate about in a way I guess. HIV/AIDS is something that I believe is a serious problem not only in Philadelphia, but in the world. So making an informative video to educate my peers on it was something that I truly enjoyed doing. We wanted to create a video and ads to help get the message across to teenagers that getting tested is very important, and that the disease itself is nothing to play around with. But as far as the actual process of doing the paper, it was not always the best for me.

So I can start by talking about the challenges that this project presented to me. Well as said above my group wanted to do a PSA video about the topic. So once we decided on the exact theme for the PSA we wanted to film the actual video. But with this we needed costumes and a script written. But the problem came up that everybody in my group (including myself) was busy with other work. So what wound up happening is that we waited until last minute to get everything situated and thoroughly planned out. Even with the plan on how we were going to present to our class. So I believed that if we were to invest more time into the project earlier it would have been a lot better than what it is.

Even though there were some challenges there was also a lot of success that came with and eventually from this project. Even though my group waited last minute to do a lot of the work, when we did come together to collaborate it was good. We would work hard together and make sure that whatever needed to be done got done. As well as we all did a good job at making sure everybody had their individual components completed. Which to me was important because everybody in my group usually has a passive attitude for when it comes to telling people to do their parts. Also we all work very well together just in general. So being in a group with people that I get along with was something that really helped with this project.

So in the end I can say that the successes of this project outweighed the failures. In every project there will always be problems. Not everything will be perfect. There will be disagreements, not everybody doing their part, and things like that. But for this project I have so say that it went good. It did not stress me out as much as group projects usually do. And as said above I can honestly say that this was one of the funnest projects I had this year so far.