Process Paper For Q3 English

When first being introduced to this project, I thought that it was going to be hard and difficult because of the task that we were to perform. Since we had to “think out the box,” I think that it helped me on a personal level to think about “out of the box” ideas as well as stretch my brain and thinking. 

The easy part about this project was working in groups. This helped me because it allowed me improve on my collaboration skills and sharing new ideas as well as listen to them as well. Overall, I think my group worked well together and performed our work well. We also was on time with our work. Communicating with our group was a major part that was to be played simply because we had to record a PSA talking about the importance of HIV/AIDS. 

The challenging part of this project was that there were days when some of the members (including myself) were not in school due to illness. For me, it was hard to communicate to my group because I was really sick. However, when I finally got a chance to reach out to them, they were responsive and got back to me about the things that I missed. That was helpful because since I was home, I was able to get the work done from home.

In conclusion, this project was a very fun project to do. My favorite part of it all was making a PSA. It was funny, yet informative so I think it captured the audience attention especially since we were mainly trying to target the 13-21 age range.