I See You

By: Williams, Alex, Kevin, Karim

Book: The Color Purple by Alice Walker

By: Williams, Alex, Kevin, Karim


In our first podcast, We talked about the how the author opens up the book, also she brings up the point that the father was abusing her and she went into details and this already gives the reader on what they are going to read about. we also speak on the grammar, at the person who is writing is trying to point out that the person was not that smart and we can soon tell that she is really not that smart since her fathers points it out to the reader and to her as well.

Comments (3)

Alyssa Williams (Student 2021)
Alyssa Williams

You guys did a nice job of sharing all of your ideas and making sure that everyone was heard, which gave me a good understanding of what was going on in the chapters. I also liked how you guys commented on the writing style and not just the content of the story.

Gabriella Torres (Student 2021)
Gabriella Torres

I enjoyed listening to your conversations that were happening. You guys had really sound ideas and the I was able to get an understanding of what was going on during the chapters you were reading for this first podcast

Ari Burstein (Student 2021)
Ari Burstein

I notice that after the music introduction at the begin they immediately get into talking about the book without introducing themselves. They also did not provide any context into what was going on, so the first few minutes were slightly confusing until I got a general sense of what was going on in the book. Other than that, I thought they did a really good job with the podcast. The audio was clear and they let the conversation flow nicely. You could also tell that they knew what they were talking about, each sharing their personal opinions of what had happened so far in the book, as well as backing up those opinions with evidence.