Paul-Ann Whyte: Capstone

For my capstone, I started writing a short story called Project: Retina. I have been thinking about this book since I was nine and was excited to finally put this idea on paper. I was really happy when I was able to use this idea to finally show what my imagination is capable of. However, I ran into multiple problems. More than I had anticipated. One problem was fleshing out the idea. Since this idea was made when I was nine, it had some problems. It didn't have a clear plot, didn't have fleshed out characters and no clear ending or beginning. Another problem was that because of the previous problems mentioned, I kept restarting. Multiple times, I started over, slightly changing the plot, until I was happy. Unfortunately, when I was happy, I only had a month left to write this book. So I am worried that this book is inadequate with words but I did try my best to get to a point I was happy with.

Capstone_ Chapter 1
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