10-20-30 Project

​My 10-20-30 project I turned around so it became a 5-10-20-30-40 project. I interviewed people from all different ethnisities and backgrounds so my project could spread to more people. It includes music from the specific era, album cover, artist, article link, and an article affiliated with african american history of the time period. I also interviewed people on why they liked the song at that time. The quotes from the interview are on the page and some are translated. The best part was interviewing people. It was interesting to see how the music changed over time. THe hardest part was finding interesting articles that are readable. Most articles as you get closer to the current time period were mostly about murders. I have provieded a link to my page so you're able to see my work.

Link: http://red10-11.wikispaces.com/Jhonas+D.10