Project Reflection!

For my group’s project we had to debate a lot of things. First of all, one of the most important debates that we had, was what particular way of presenting we will do, and while it wasn’t a large debate since we all are obviously stronger with websites than any other way of presenting, we still argued a bit, over what we should do. After that, came the actual debates. I wanted to have a lot of things some of them being very important, like wanting the color of the font not to be black, however, since all three of my group mates said that black will be the very best color, we have decided to go with the black color, and things like that.

After all of the debates were over (well, not all, there were more to come) we have decided to go with the Iweb, black font, psa the way it is, and having to work with my least favorite type of website maker, however, I grew to like it after this project. I found that it is a lot easier to use than any other type of website maker. However, after the whole website was done, and we were ready to upload, we couldn’t publish it, and thus we decided to move back to the idea.

Through a lot of debating and not knowing what, why and how to do and or start this particular project, we ended up with what we have right now, and it actually turned out to be very good. We were also debating on how we should implement it, and the best way that we found was to publish it, and twitter/facebook/myspace people about it, and make sure that people know about it, thus if some people know about it, others will come around, and so on, in a never-ending circle of social websites, this website will be the light in the end of the tunnel for the students that are in danger of dropping out.