Property vs. Humanity

Throughout the 4th quarter of English 1 we will be researching about things that interest us the most. You and the World is our project where we take everyday issues that many people don't have much background information about or just put it aside and make it less of a deal than it really is. These issues that we choose are revealed with its affects toward the world. Although, the topic that we are researching should regard our curiosity in order to successfully complete this assignment without us having a monotonous feeling towards it. 

Therefore, for my issue there will be talk about Sex Slave Trade. Until about a month ago, I didn't have knowledge of the existence of Sex Slave Trade. In my opinion few people are informed about this issue because it is a true event where many young women are getting and have been traumatized mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout the years.

In Islamic culture men started a practice in the years of the war in Quran. This practice consisted of women who were treated as if they were property. This was similar to slavery except for there was a twist to it. Women were forced to have sexual relations with their “masters” and eventually had to marry them against their will. Sadly this was considered to be legal in the Islamic culture and was brought out to different cultures and parts of the world. This topic is a more severe version of human trafficking, which is an exploitation of young women. The men had to work in dangerous conditions while the women worked in sex industries.

After learning most of this information, many questions come to my mind. Although, one major concern comes to mind. Is this happening in America at the moment and if so in what parts of the U.S.? Next, I feel like that is a concept that I will consider researching as well as were are parts in the world where the Sex Slave Trade is most common.