Proyecto: Parte 2 by Nick R., Vivian P., Kristian R., Grant S.

Spanish 1: Unit 1 Benchmark
Proyecto: Parte 2 Videos

Video #1: In Unit 1 of Spanish 1, we learned our restaurant manners using Spanish. We learned terms like "Me gustaria un ____, quiero ___, discuple," etc. In this video, there is a couple who are ordering bananas and a waiter to serve them.

Video #2: In spanish 1, we learned all about how to ask what the weather is outside along with the degrees. We also learned how to respond to that question like if it's nice weather outside we say "Hace Buen Tiempo" and many more phrases.

Video #3: For our numbers video, we wanted to apply what we learned about numbers in real life situations like our setting was in a math class with a teacher going over homework.

Video #4: We wanted to show the class what we learned about Y tu vs Y usted, and we applied it to real life situations like meeting a new friend or talking to someone who is older than you.