Proyecto de Conversación: Our Favorites

Annisa Ahmed
Español lll, D Band
Conversation Project: Week Four

Antes de Conversación:
What will your topic of conversation be?
    Trying to find out what people enjoy doing as well as how can we find similarities within.
What are you looking forward to about this conversation?
    I am looking forward to talking to a person on a more personal level than I have ever dared to go before.
What are your nervous about?

    I am a tad bit nervous about how I will write down my own key highlights, and responding to theirs. I don't want to take very long or make them feel reluctant to share. Wish me luck.

Después de Conversación:
Who did you speak with and why did you choose them?
     All of them find me, as did Majela Alvarez Rivera. She was around my age and I figured it would be easier to find some things that we might have in common - teenagers are pretty much the same.
What did you learn about them?
    Majela likes basketball, swimming as well as music. And she likes a long list of genres.
How did this interaction help you move towards achieving your goal?
    I got a long list of answers, from things she likes to do to the number of siblings she has. So yes, I would consider this to be a success.
What did you do well according to your goals?
    Yeah, I sidetracked a bit but for the most part, it was a great conversation. 
What specifically do you need to improve on?
    I should try to not use WordReference too much for words I don't understand and just go with what I know because it will be better practice and also, less relying of me.
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