Q1 - Art Portfolio

This quarter I wanted to focus on my shadows, and trying to shade in a way that will give my artwork a more realistic feel. For my ceiling tile I wanted to experiment with painting skin tones and playing with light. The fall wall hanging was a collage that was created out of mixed media. I used paint, markers, and colored pencil to make it, and in the same vein as the last, tried to figure out how to add undertones to skin with the painting and turned out making it very emphasized and exaggerated. For the charcoal portrait, I worked a lot on shadows and trying to understand how to manipulate charcoal on the page. Because I spent most of my time playing with shadows I didn’t have the time to make the features look extremely similar to my own so the portrait did not turn out to be a perfect rendition of my own. Lastly, the watercolor fruit bowl was more playing with the colors and experimenting with the paint.