Q1 Art Drawings - Dakota Foster

I am doing the Figure and Clea Object Drawing because it was assigned to me as a classwork grade. I want to make this a good drawing. I want to make sure I use all my ability to make the drawings as best as they can be. 

I use charcoal and pastel because that was the tool recommended. Also, in the Figure Drawing I want to make the drawing as big as I can read because I want it to look realistic. I want to make the colors in the back lighter and then darker. I want to make it that way because I want to be able to see the changes as I outline more of the body. In the Clear Object Drawing, I want to make the drawing have the effects of the light as in the model. So, I want to make outline of the model and then, the lighter parts compared to the darker parts. 

I would say that I do a lot of smudging, but I also do keep some of the lines. I want to compare the new lines to the old lines because I want to make sure that I get it as close as I can get it. I am exploring different materials and the different effects they have on the drawing. It is very challenging in the Figure Drawing to get the drawing to look like the model as much as possible. 


Figure Drawing - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12710501/IMG_20111031_083436.jpg
Clear Object Drawing - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12710501/IMG_20111102_104503.jpg