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2 Score and 2 Years Ago (42):http://dl.dropbox.com/u/499773/American%20Government%20-%202%20Score%20and%202%20Years%20Ago%202.m4a A song about the Civil Rights Act of 1968.If that does not work, then listen to the song here:Lyrics:

This moment in time was one long lived

With oppression ravaging through the adults and kids.

Whites and blacks not getting along

Black people join hands in the streets singin songs

To over come, just to over come, just to over come, just to overcome.

Historical moments such as

When rosa parks didn’t give up her seat

Or that long march on Washington, I have a dream speech.

All this paved way for something in reach

Somethin they cant take away, cause itll stain like bleach.

 The thing that remained was something important

Jim crow laws had blacks in subordinate

The civil rights act of 1968

Was one in which all Americans can relate

It defined the country for what it is today

I wish the ones that helped had the chance to stay.

(Right above it)

Johnson surrounded by other important men

Signed the bill off makin history again

No need to VETO for  it was for the public

It was shown in appreciation cause they all loved it.

Unfair treatment was not tolerated

The government came through and made everyone elated

 King made it to the mountiantop with that richeous statement

He didn’t go alone because we all made it

During the 50’s and 60’s there were many laws to prevent blacks in the south from doing various things. Owning property, voting, and overall treatment in the public were things that seemed hard for others to grasp at the time. There were many Civil Rights Acts as well as this one that assisted in all Americans receiving the same and equal treatment. This one however, the Civil Rights Act of 1968  prevented discrimination on the basis of sale, renting, and financing of housing. It was passed by the house of Representatives and the Senate, and actually signed into law on april 11, 1968, 7 days after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whose determination and ambition provided a major influence on the laws made in the decade. Without his non-violent acts and peaceful thinking, none of this could be possible today in the lives of Americans.


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