Q1 Benchmark

​Personal Reflection

In this unit a lot about what really goes on with food processing. From the videos I watched in class to the articles I've read, there are a lot of things that hidden from the public. I think that one of the bigger problems with our food system has to do with people of course, because honestly there isn't any other cause then the people. It's not like the things we eat can cause problems itself, it's the people that makes it, the people that is in charge of the food processing. Not only is it the people who are a part of the food making process, its those who eat the food that aren't speaking out about what's wrong with it. If no one cares about what they are intaking than, what they are eating isn't going to be changed. It also goes under laziness, because some people don't feel like actually preparing a healthy meal, so they rather eat fast food because it is convenient. There are a few changes I could make with some of my eating habits, and some of those things could be instead of eating as much candy as I do I could minimize the sizes. I also have a habit of drinking a lot of teas, so if i could maybe add a few more bottles of water to my diet it would make a difference. There wouldn't be that much sugar in my daily intake, I am more then willing to make the changes. However the only problem would be minimizing the amount of teas I drink, so like I said already I would just add water. 


red potatoes

spinach leaves 

mozzarella cheese



onion powder

olive oil 




1. Boil potatoes until soft enough (20-30min)

2. Take potatoes out let them cool

3. Put olive oil in a  sauce pan (let it heat) 

4. Rinse spinach with water

5. Put the spinach in pan, after about 3min add cheese

6. Add salt, pepper and onion powder (when the cheese is completely melted it is done)

7. Cut a slit in the potatoes big enough to stuff them, and add butter inside so they won't get dry

8. Place potatoes on a baking sheet, and put them in the oven for 5-8min

9. When the potatoes are done, put the spinach in the inside.

10. That's it!



The dish I made is more of a side but it can also be a meal if you were to add other ingredients to it. In my dish there aren't that many processed foods. The foods that were processed were the cheese and butter. This dish has a total of about 360 calories, which isn't that bad. However if I was too eat this everyday I would most likely gain a lot of weight, mostly because of the potatoes. Most of the ingredients in this dish are mostly from the U.S, but not all are grown locally. This dish was mostly commercial, but could have been organic. Depending on where the items are being bought, the total of everything should be no more than about 25 dollars at the most. This meal does cost more than fast food, but it still beats eating fast foods everyday. At the end of the day a dish like this a better selection.  

Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 12.42.33 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-14 at 12.42.33 PM