Q1 Blog and MOODLE Journal Instuctions - Ms. Hull - Art

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This MUST be on your SLA blog:
1. Photos of all your work
no fingers or people in the photo
no photos that are sideways
no improperly lit art work
clear clean background that compliments the art piece

2. Photos of progress and sketches

3. Photos of finished artwork (or an explanation of why it is not finished)

4. Completed artist statement proof read and no grammatical errors.
      Here is the link to help write an artist statement - Artist Statement
Remember this is public

1. make a list of the projects you completed
2. put in the link to your blog to show your work
3. make a list of the projects you didn’t complete (if there are any)
If you only missed one list it, but it does not count against your grade
4. write AT LEAST 5 sentences that describe your work and work ethic for this quarter
5. look at the assignments for next quarter, and state 2 goals you have for yourself in the up coming quarter