Q1 Ten Week Art Project (Jordan Meriwether)

I wanted to try something new. In the wake of feeling powerful emotions it is best to react on them artistically, for me I had a lot of strange days some were great and others were lonely. I worked on these emotions and tried to wide them into my works to truly make something special. We instructed to draw a picture each week of this quarter, in no specific order, I chose to test myself and see how it works out. I went forward and started on a high note making the Infinity Gauntlet, which was featured in many Marvel comic books. I had a comic for reference and in my sketch came out better than I had hoped, it was very detailed though so I would need to be careful about the transfer to ceiling tile. In the transfer there was a small problem the original image was much too big for the tile, so I had to make some minor adjustments. Overall, My tile came out Clean, I feel like I was able to capture a variety of colors and give the object a bit of dimension. To complete the more open-ended task of choosing my own drawings I chose one to be and emotionally interpreted piece (dread) and the other to be a based off of a famous scene in the classic horror movie Nosferatu. Next we move on to largest of the projects the still life, it was simple yet detailed from my view, I wanted something that gave a new point of view to the idea of a still life. Then there is the Jack-O-Lantern, which I made a bold choice on; I did not color in the face. The choice was made since naturally the human eye is attracted to the White of the face giving it a bit of emphasis. The Halloween costume was simply a zombie in a tattered suit and a top hat, I think it had really gives him some character. My self-portrait is probably done less professionally since this is the first time I ever worked with chalk, it is bright and happy to emphasize the proudness of my completion of it. Overall I feel this first quarter was quite successful, I hope to try twice as hard in the next one.