Q2 2-Day Art

​This quarter I decided to choose a different reach on my art. There was a couple pieces that were motivated by black history month, which is next month. I decided to add some aspects and influence it for my work. I have always went with freely inspiring my work, but this time I actually used something to motivate and guide me. 
For my fabric drawing, I actually designed it myself, by using a chair that I had at home. I actually got better at the fabric since last year. I learned the balance between the shaded and the lines. I decided to go a little smaller in the paper size so that I would be able to add more detail int the fabric. 
The next was my photo editing,which I used from when I was at graduation. I think I wanted the editing to look as if it had texture on it. I then wanted it to be recognized, but then easy enough for someone to tell a difference. Also with the collage, I didn`t want it to be clutttered so that people would not see it, but have enough, so you don`t see any background paper. This was also inspired by black history month. 
The last was a drawing inspired by the speech by Martin Luther King which you can find below.