Q2 Art Slideshow

   This quarter in Art saw a shift to more experimental forms, and because of that, it challenged my more simplistic, feel-of-the-moment style to move to places that need to incorporate more abstract ideas. To that extreme, I think this quarter that I was reasonably successful.

    With projects this quarter such as the collage and illustration, I was able to take the vague inspirations that usually are the driving force behind my art and make them come to life, in ways that I usually were satisfied with.

From the first piece of art shown in this slideshow to the last, various amounts of reworks, both inspirational and technical are going on behind the scenes. I don’t ask for the audience to understand all of my work, in fact, most of it is beyond the understanding of anybody but me. What I ask for is interpretation, whether for myself or my artwork, so that the work I’ve put in won’t go to complete waste.