Q2 Artwork

Art Collage
I like cars, and I have specific cars that I like, and for many different reasons. The collage represents some of the type of cars that I like, and words that describe each car. to make the collage some people would have cut out the logos from magazines. That would have made it look better. I choose to draw each logo because drawing each logo was a fun thing to do. "Always enjoy what you do."

Shading is a very hard thing to do, especially when drawing a fabric. I chose to draw a fabric hanging by two pins because I was looking at a flag hanging on a wall, which gave me an idea of what I should draw and how to draw it. In the drawing I didn't draw the symbols of the flag, and just drew the look of the flag/fabric. In the end I really liked how the fabric looked, because I didn't think I could draw it that good.

Photo Editing
I took this photo during a pickup Frisbee game, and it was a happy accident of how the photo actually looked. When I was taking the picture, I wanted to capture both the frisbee and the player throwing it, but I took it in the wrong time. Happy accident.

This illustration was my favorite part of all the drawings. I drew something that means a lot to me, and that I really like. I live soccer just like millions of people around the world. While thinking of a quote I wanted to represent I thought of "Football is life." But it wasn't a quote that could be drawn (at least in my mind). Than I added the rest of the part to the quote, which than I was able to draw what I wanted. The drawing came out really good, and I am really proud for myself because I didn't think it would look that good.