Q2 Benchmark ( The Skin I'm In by : Sharon G. Flake )

Brittany Cooper 01/08/13

Over the past two months I was given an assignment to read a independent reading book. In the beginning of the process I was struggling to find a book. My English 1 teacher Mrs. Dunn suggested that I read a book called “The Skin I’m In“ by Sharon G. Flake. Considering I don’t like to read she said this would be a adjustment for me.

 This book is about a girl name Maleeka Madison III. She attends McClenton Middle School, she in the seventh grade. This girl is verbally being bullied. As a child going through the stage of puberty being so that she is thirteen and in middle school. Children tend to be more sensitive to what others have to say. This character in the book was captured. I think there could have been more detail about her childhood life.

 A weakness in this book would be that there are thirty-two chapters. The chapters are only six or seven pages to each chapter. This could be both an advantage and disadvantage. A advantage because the shortens some of the book considering it has thirty-two chapters. The disadvantage is that the less pages some people what say the book could possible lack bits and pieces of each chapter.

This book is to prove that you can be something. You work form the bottom and make your way up. In the fifth grade black girl was being bullied by a white girl.  The white girl did not like her simply because she was smart and the teacher favored her. Throughout the black girl’s fifth grade year this girl would be called names & even would get in trouble with the because she would try to stop the another girl from messing with her. It got to the point where there had to be a parent teacher principal conference with that girl and her mother. She was then removed from the school. The girl who was being bullied had no more worries. Being verbally abused or bullied is serious. Known from experience , you should think before you say.

Overall I would give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. I say this considering I do not like to read this was adjustment to me because at first the number of chapters scared me. But then as I began to read the book I adjusted to the amount of pages. I would recommend that middle schoolers such as seventh and eighth graders to read this book. To better insure their knowledge about bullying.