Q2 By Kadija Koita

​My Artist Statement:
During this quarter, I have learned a lot about my artwork. I know that a lot of the times, I stay in my own lane and never try to switch it up and make myself go through challenges. Well that is what I did this quarter. Espeacialy with the fabric drawing. When I first saw the tutorial, I thought, ok, this could be possible, but then I started to do the work and found myself in a lot of puddles. I thought that I could not do it, but with the help of my classmates and Ms. Hull, it was possible. I tried my best and made sure that I did not give up. Doing the collage was probably the most fun piece I did because it was not structured at all. It made me think of myself and once I did that it came all so freely.
If I could describe this quarter with one word, it would have to be challenging, but that is something you have to deal with as a striving student and artist. You must make sure that you are constantly breaking new boundaries. That is what I think can make someone grow. I think that is what made me grow, because my craft is way more sharper that even last quarter.