Q2 Pieces for Art

​For my art pieces this quarter I felt very inspired to use paint as my main art material. I found that when painting I felt very calm. Holding a paintbrush and using my imagination to create art pieces felt very therapeutic for some reason.

When I started my first pieces which was the contour drawing I found it challenging since I couldn't see what I was doing, I kept trying to look but in the end I came out with very unique drawings. Then, coloring them in was also a challenge. It turned out to look completely opposite of what it was originally supposed to be, but I think that’s the beauty of art. You can draw or paint anything and it will still be right because it’s something you created out of your imagination.

Then we went on to our own choice of painting, it was around the time of holidays and I was in the christmas spirit so I decided to paint classical images you would see around the holidays, a snowman and holiday lights. I loved creating and painting these pieces. Afterwards we had to recreate a painting and I instantly knew I wanted to create a Picasso. He is one of my favorite artist for so many reasons. His artis inspiring and I find his blue era inspiring, so I decided to recreate a painting from that era. When creating this piece I learned how important it was to mix colors and blend. In the original price some areas were a lighter blue than other areas so I had to mix in some white in order to get in just right.

Afterwards, we had to illustrate a piece of writing. I knew right away what I wanted to do. I chose a J-cole song called “A Tale of Two Cities” on the song he talks about police-brutality and everything a black man has to go through. He talks about black injustice. I decided to recreate this song by illustrating one of his lines “hands in the air run it” and then “Forgive me father for I have sinned” by painting a man pointing a gun at someone else and saying the line and then above two hands praying with the lyrics next to it. In between of the two grains you can see golden bricks and this image represent the line “I know that everything that glitter ain't gold.” The bricks may be painted gold that doesn’t mean they are valuable. This was one of my favorite drawings. Lastly we had to take pictures and then edit them to show depth. I took three pictures that showed depth then edited them and highlighted and used contrast to further emphasize the depth of the pictures.