Q2 Portfolio Building

Artist Statement

This body of work is mostly focused on my friend's band that I spent time taking photos of. I went to their band practice and took a lot of great photographs. I was able to get a lot with perfect timing. I spend weeks editing my photos. It takes a lot of focus, and I am a perfectionist about my photo editing.

I know I didn't exactly do the collage correctly, but it is mostly just things I found interesting and funny. I will spend more time looking for strips of color so that I can make a real artistic collage.

I worked on the drawing a lot more this quarter. I want to learn how to draw hands really well, because they are super challenging. I liked drawing fabric. I learned how to draw draping fabric and I thought it was interesting so I made it as detailed as I could make it.

I am determined to do better on my drawings. My photography has gotten really good too, I have a specific style in the way that I take photos and the ways that I edit them.