Q3 Art Reflection

1.) I feel like I finished the ceiling and the back wall and side wall I included a couple stools and a table. Also, I included my back wall and the two walls on the side. I feel as though I did an okay job for my first time doing a one perspective drawing of a room. 

2.) I would probably draw more tables and practice drawing my stools better before I put them on my final piece. Also I would use my ruler more efficiently and make my lines for the sink and table more straight. 

3.) I think that Kate Kopf's drawing is successful. I believe this because she had all the required requirements. She had a back wall side wall veiling tables and tools and she even had details on the wall, the fire flames. Also, she had a sink and cabinets above them. 

4.) I learned that you really have to pay attention to detail when you are drawing in one point perspective. You have to view things in a different way and that this is really how things are looked and this is a totally different perspective and art style than any other.