Q3 Art Reflection

  • a. I think I was very lazy with my drawing, but could have done more. If I were grading myself, I say I'd give a 5 for the back wall, 5 for the side wall, 10 for the ceiling, 10 for the floor, 15 for the table, and 12 for the chair, giving me a final score of... 57.
  • b. Well, I'd probably follow the directions a bit more carefully in order to finish quicker and with a higher quality
  • c. There's one drawing I really like. It pays attention to a lot of detail with the drawings on the wall and the placement of the stools and tables. I think the main reason why it's successful is that it uses orthogonals very well and keeps the perspective consistent, making it seem very life-like.  
  • d. Well, so far, it helps with making things be realistic in that they give a sort of field of view. With this in mind, things like buildings, cubes, prisms, and distance in general are much easier to deal with when drawing. Very helpful.