Q3 Art Reflection

A. I feel like I accomplished partially of both of the side walls and the back wall. I missed some things on one of the side walls because I didnt have space but the other one was fully done. I would give myself full credit for both the ceiling, floor, and the left side wall because I followed all the directions for it. 

B. If I do this project again I would do the same wall but put more time to it and add color to the ceiling. I would also try to do the full room not missing parts from the side walls.

C. I would say Jaszmine's drawing is successful. I can notice that she put a lot of effort and time into it. She completed the back wall and the ceiling fully. The side walls have windows and doors on them and she detailed it with the board and door window which was great. I could tell that she followed the directions from the one point perspective and she used the vanishing point correctly. She also had a table and stool to top it off and it looks successful. 

D. I learned that you have to carefully use the vanishing point to get everything on point and you have to align everything correctly. You have to use the vertical, horizontal, and orthogonal lines.