Q3 Art Reflection (A. Swartz)

a. I feel like I accomplished all that I could, since I don't consider myself particularly good at art. I hope I did all of the parts to the best of my ability. I like the back wall and ceiling best since those were the things I had the most time with. I enjoyed working on this, just wished I had more time since I work slow sometimes.

b. Time, and I'd be a bit more careful. There were some sloppy parts of my drawing that I would have fixed I could have. 

c. Seyni (N)s. She chose one of the walls that was, like, actually more challenging than a big window. The lines are light and it looks clean and precise and stuff. Also there are a bunch of things in it, she did a lot. It looks very good.

d. That it is very annoying to do, yet rewarding if done correctly. It looks really good if right, but not so good if wrong. I don't really like it a whole lot, since it is mostly rulers, and I have this weird trouble drawing straight line with the rulers. At least it isn't shade-sketching.