Q3 Art Reflection // Dukes

Personally I don't feel like I accomplished really anything, it looks to me like a drawing that someone just started. Because I have only things from the beginning of the drawing and not the important parts of it. I only really just finished the outline of the tiles and the walls, so if I was to start over I would work on more and talk less, even though I was not talking and not working. I would just talk less so I could focus more on the drawing. The one that I think was successful was this drawing that had all of the requirements in it and it looked nice. Everything was organized and there wasn't any extra lines or eraser marks on it. I think that they went above and beyond for the amount of time that was given to work on it. All in all I would just say that it is a good representation of the classroom (By the way this is me describing Johnny). I learned that one perspective drawings are much more difficult to draw then free hand drawings.