Q3 Art Reflection (T.Harper)

Personally, after completing this very difficult project I think that I should receive the following points. 18 Points on my back wall, 17 points on the side wall. 19 Points for my ceiling, 17 points for my floor and 18 points for my table/chair. I think I should receive an 89 our of 100 points. 

I would redo my entire room. Changing the wall I decided. I decided to do the wall right wall with the windows. I would instead do the front wall where the boards are located. I would also redo the the table location. Instead of doing the bigger table I would do more smaller tables. 

The drawing I picked was Tatiana Reams. I think it came out really well. I think it was neat, not with many eraser marks and is very detailed. Everything was in its place and If I had to grade it I would probably give it a high grade. She also completed the full project. Did everything that was asked of her. 

I learned many things like how to even draw. I could not even draw as well as I could and now being able to draw an entire room. I think that's sick. I also learned more about vanishing points of how and where to draw the lines and everything. It was also clear how to make three denominational shapes.