Q3 Artist Statement: Lotus Shareef-Trudeau

This quarter focused on using fragments to create larger pieces. Starting with a metamorphosis drawing, we created six different images that, in series, showed a transformation from one object to a different one. Afterwards we each created a collage that followed the Golden Ratio, again, using different pieces in unison which create a more meaningful piece of artwork. Next we worked on mosaics, which really is the epitome of this theme. Even the coat of arms could be considered a piece which uses different images, which collectively represent your family. Lastly, for my choice piece, I decided to stick with the theme of the quarter and make another collage. Working with these pieces has pushed me to consider things as the pieces that make them up, whether that's an image, a table, etc... I have become more attuned to what must be brought together in a perfect harmony in order to make something.