Q3 Artists Statement

The first piece that we did for Quarter 3 was a bike drawing. There was a bike in the room that we had to look at for making our drawing realistic. This drawing was a learning experience on how to draw things to the T and making sure that everything is proportional. This took 4 class periods 2 and a half hours to draw and outline and an hour and a half to color the bike.

The second piece that we did for Quarter 3 was Optical Illusions. For this assignment, we had to use the shading and measurements to almost trick the eyes. This was really cool to learn so you can make it look like the object is actually on the paper. This took 2 classes and 2 hours to do. One hour to draw the shapes and measure them out. And the other hour was to shape them and make them have dimension.

The third piece that we did for Quarter 3 was shading forms. We had to draw 3 shapes on a page. This was teaching us how to use just our pencils. The shading makes such a difference, whether if you’re pressing down hard or barely touching the paper with the pencil. This took 2 class periods to do. I class to draw the big square and the other class period to draw the three other shapes.

The fourth piece that we did for Quarter 3 was an eye drawing. This was more on the realistic side and this was very good for us if we ever wanted to enhance facial features. This took 2 class periods. 1 hour to draw the outline and the other hour to add details like the lighting inside of the eye and the tiny little hairs in the eyebrow.

The last piece for Quarter 3 was a Mandala. This was a freestyle and creative art piece. This was teaching us to fill up the page add designs everywhere so there is a lot to look at and most importantly to make sure your color stands out.

All of these drawings taught me something different but with this, I can combine all of these strategies and techniques to create something awesome.