Q3 Artwork by Leah Kelly

At the beginning of the year, I set the goal for myself that I would challenge myself to create the best artwork that I possibly could. I certainly fulfilled that goal in the second quarter, and have continued to do so into the third quarter.

I have never been one to experiment with different types of art. Ever since I was a kid, if someone asked me to do art I’d pull out the basic pencil and paper and draw a pretty flower or a goofy picture or something like that. This quarter, however, I really stepped up and expanded my art horizons, especially with the India ink assignment. I’ve never done any sort of artwork like that but am extremely pleased with the way it turned out.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about this quarter was reviewing all the basics like shading and shapes. I think that most of the time as artists get older, they tend to forget about the things that they learned about in first grade: circles, rectangles, triangles, etc. The basic shape assignment where we turned shapes into animals was so much fun because it’s something that I’ve never thought of before and made my animal drawings so much better!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my performance this quarter and I can’t wait to finish my senior year strong with some awesome art.