Q3 Benchmark: Process Paper (Drug Trade)

​Annisa Ahmed
Fire Stream

It all began on the first day. Each member of our group opened up what our strengths and weaknesses were and chose our following roles accordingly. Kim took on the job of researcher and with the help Khalil, who had previous experience with working on this topic. Olivia played the website designer and was left with the task of putting it all together. This left me to the devices of writing, meaning absorb the facts and information that was handed over and whip up a text blurb to make sense of the drug trade.

Along the way, we keep in contact with each other; Olivia and Kim always gave me updates about where the project was headed, like when Kim decided to make posters for added effectiveness. Walking in Thursday morning to find two brilliant posters to help boost the moral of the cause was nice. I had written most the text on days prior, but I wanted to make sure that it was everything we needed. The more the merrier, and if I wanted to put as much effort as the rest of group had, things called for me to step it up a notch.

The final result was a written chuck that topped off at a little over three pages. This I was fine with, however when I noticed the time, I remembered that I had not answered back Olivia’s message. Though, it was around nine and I was hoping that I had not worried her with this. Either way, I decided that I would send my stuff over and try to get a hold of her. But alas, they were left unanswered.

On Friday, the website did cause some difficulty. Apparently, iWeb had switched over to being not free sometime recently, which led to some eruption of problems. The inability to make a pledge or have it up and running about frustrated us to no end because everything was there. We were just unable to make go viral.

The highlights to benchmark was that our group worked really well together. Everyone did what they were assigned to do and so, everything else just fell into place. As for challenges, I consider myself somewhat of a hindrance for not sending my part over as earlier as I could. In addition to the fact, that the application of our choice decided to back fire and make it impossible to have a functional website to present. By and large, and tossing complications aside, it was fun. An head-tilt worthy thing that makes people think thoroughly about what exactly they plan on churning out; enjoyable, definitely.