Q3 Benchmark Reflection

How does this project relate to the real world?

We learned a lot doing this project that you would need to know in the real world. ​I think this project could relate to the real world because there are a lot of jobs where you would need to learn how to find heights and things. You need to know how to use a scale to draw blueprints and things like that. 

What was the most exciting portion of this project and why? What was the least exciting portion to this project and why?

I think that the most exciting part of the project was when we had to decide what we were going to change about the building. I liked that because I think it was the easiest. The least exciting part to me was when we had to actually go out and do the measurements. I didn't like that because I kept messing up, by leaning forward too much and I would get weird answers. At first it didn't make sense, but that I figured it out.

What did you learn from completing this project?

When we had to do this project I learned how to use the mirror method to figure out the height of something. I also learned how to use a scale to draw the buildings.
Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 8.07.04 PM
Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 8.07.04 PM