Q3 Benchmark Reflection

This project relates to the real world because when you live in your house and you you need to repair things you will need to know how to find the area and perimeter of items. And the other way is you might need to get on the top of your roof but you might need a ladder. Now you could just go buy a ladder but what if it’s too short. This is when finding the height of your building comes in. You will need to know how tall your building is to get the correct ladder. Everything we have learned in this benchmark project could effect how well you are with fixing things in your house and taking measurements.

I think the most exciting portion of this project was taking all the measurements. I said that because it was very easy for me to find the measurements. The other exciting part of the project was finding what I wanted to change on the building. This was because I felt like I was a contractor and I have the power to tell what I want to change on the building to help it look better. The least exciting portion to the project was writing the difference between my calculations and verifications. The reason why I saw this as the least exciting portion is because I couldn’t really put my thoughts onto the paper correctly. It was a little difficult for me to explain.

I’ve learned that every little inch matters when it comes to finding the height, area, and perimeter of a building because leaving out one small inch of a measurement could change everything. Also, I learned that timings very important. You need to use every consecutive minute that you get. This is 100% important because if you waste time or miss a lot of days of school this could really effect want you have to do and at the end it will cause you to rush. In conclusion, there is a good amount of likes and dislikes of this project but at the end you learn a lot of new facts, you learn your mistakes that you made so the next time you know not to make them again, and you realize that this is beneficial to your life when it comes to construction.
Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 7.35.28 PM
Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 7.35.28 PM