Q3 Benchmark Reflection

Throughout this project, I had some challenges, but I also had some cool points. First and foremost, it wasn’t hard for me to do more research on my topic. I was able to have a head start on this project s I was able to help my group mates get a little background check on this topic. That was part of the cool points. I had no problems with my group mates. Everyone knew how to own up to their responsibilities. There were wasn’t one time where either of us had to babysit each other. Our responsibilities were very simple and it didn’t take a lot of time to do so. We came up with this idea of making a video and it never happened because we weren’t able to or something happened. I really wanted t make that video come to life, and I couldn’t make it happen. It really upset me.

My ending piece was not something that I was proud of. The reason why I wasn’t proud of my final piece was because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. We should have taken the time out of our day to do some interviews, make a video, and check out our final piece before we turned it in. When I saw Cecelia’s group presented their project, I was stunned. It looked so legitimate and when she presented her campaign, I felt the pity for homeless people. And I thought that was pretty awesome because they were able to give the audience an emotion. I think that if you’re able to give the audience an emotion, then your campaign is working.

I felt like my final piece did not offer that. I feel like I didn’t put in so much effort when I should of. I should of spread around the word around and make it happen. All I thought about was “get this project done.” I didn’t think of it as in “this is actually going viral and we need to stop this.” I guess my mindset was more focused on spring break. If I could do this campaign again, I would take my time and put in more effort than I did before. I would actually check my final piece before it got turned in. The only thing was that I wasn’t in charge of putting everything together. Maybe next time, I should be in charge of that job.