Q3 Benchmark Reflection 1-Page Essay

My group completed and had a prosperous final product, before we started we all listed our weaknesses and our strengths and we all split up into different categories for the project. My specific part was the initial planning, of what was going to happen, I was the person who brain-stormed and then would present what I thought was a good idea to the group. For this project I could be considered the person who worked on the Design aspect on the rubric that was given to us.

            The challenges that I believe my group faced was that we had little time to work on the project with all the other projects we had in other classes. We did communicate well and we planned out what our video was going to be, I made the storyboard, Terrance edited it, and then Becca and Terrance made a short video of what we had done on the storyboard. We also tried to implement different ideas around the video, for example we wanted to have a Facebook group related to the video so that people could spread the word and help track how many followers we have. We also had this idea where we would have all the same video and links to them in different places and all the links were all different and we would be able to track how people neglected or watched, how in some places there is more focus than others, a lot like law enforcement. This was one of our challenges was to implement our ideas while working on multiple things such as Math and NHD projects.

            Our biggest success was the background research and working together on the Google document, and sharing links and ideas on how we could make our video better and share statistics. Our biggest success was our video because we worked it out who was doing what and we met our self-induced deadlines, but what would have made our project an A were the little things such as the ideas mentioned before. In all honesty I don’t know what our final product that was implemented into society looked like because I went away on vacation, so what I could have done better was communicate with them on the final day of the project.