Q3 BM: Collapse: A Comparison between Burma and Peru

​Here is a link to my PDF walk through of my evaluation of Burma and Peru's "collapse-ability".

For this project I examined Burma and Peru. Burma is a country in Southeast Asia, plagued with civil unrest. The people of Burma struggle constantly with the authoritarian government that has committed so many human rights abuses. Peru on the other hand is found in South America where it is frequently exploited for it's precious natural resources such as rich mahogany forests and plentiful gold.
For this project I was blown away by Kim Bush's pdf exploration of India vs. China in terms of collapse-ability. Unfortunately, I lack the artistic skill to really make mine as nice looking as hers, so I was a bit disappointed by my final product. I think the information is good, but I do wish that I had picked a more interested medium.
When comparing these countries, I was supposed to judge them based on the five point framework: environmental damage, hostile neighbors, friendly trade partners, climate change and society's response to environmental change. This was fairly easy to do with these two countries. I accredit this to the fact that there is fairly plentiful information on these topics for these countries.
If I could change anything about my project, I would have chosen a more interesting/unique format. I briefly thought about doing a prezi, but I came to the conclusion that my laptop is a bit too old, and can hardly handle pop-up ads, let alone the rather draining task of running a prezi.
All in all, I really liked this project as it gave me insight to how a country's strengths and weaknesses can be broken down into a fairly simple set of categories. This new found knowledge will help me in the future to consider how countries rise and fall, and keep that in mind when media hype seems to block out even the strongest of arguments.