Q4 - Globilization in Philadelphia

Slide Presentation


The most challenging thing about this project was trying to find pictures of things that really related to the point of globalization I wanted it to. Finding things around the city to takes pictures of also seemed difficult at first. I had to really go out and see what i could take pictures of and just think of some ways that the world outside of my country effected me. Picking subjects for the pictures came to me after looking at and going through some of my classmates pictures. After doing that i was able to ask them why they took certain pictures. Then ask myself the same question and how would I go about representing this topic differently.
Out of all the Images, I must say that my favorite is the recycle bin. This may seem somewhat strange but I really like that picture because its so bright and it is perfectly clear what picture is about and what topic it is related to. In all of my pictures the subject is very clear. However the picture of the recycle bin amuses me, I just smile every time I look at it. After completing this project I feel like globalization in Philadelphia is not hard to see. It is easy to miss but once you think about it you can see it almost every where.
Most likely easier to see globalization in Philadelphia than some other cities. It really depends on how large the city is, the bigger the city the harder to exactly what is effecting what. Here we are a large city but small enough to not be overwhelmed. if we stop think and look around we can think about how something outside of our city has effected what we do in our city.