Q4 Advanced Art Presentation

My Artist Statement:
During the 4th marking period, I decided to take a different approach. Some of my pieces were made from me, that I kind if had to feel in order to convey it in drawing. I also feel that I was trying to show that I could be versatile with a lot my work, because what others may think is art some may not. 
A lot of my methods and materials consisted of using lots of colors and paint. I also did a lot with stripes or lines, being as that I really never took that approach. Going off of this, I feel that it was something that I could say I`ve done before. 
I know that there are a lot of angels to being an artist, and I wanted to make sure I could show all of them. I knew that me just trying to do the same art projects, would show that I wasn`t diverse or trying to be creative, so I made sure to do a lot of different things.