Q4 Art Gallery - Lotus Shareef-Trudeau

Wk 1

For the first piece of art that we had to complete we went to the Rodin museum to draw some inspiration from there. While there I chose to sketch a street lamp that I saw. Though it was daylight, I decided to draw the lamp as if it was dark outside. I tried to portray it as if it was emitting light, to do this I drew moths fluttering around it and attempted at creating shadows.

Wk 2 & 3

The second piece of art that I made was a collage. I took a canvas and painted it a solid orange color. I then cut out a few interesting pictures from magazines that I had and an old picture from home and glued them down to the canvas. After that I recycled some snapple bottle caps that were lying around my room and a broken artificial flower and glued them to the canvas as well. Lastly I draped a string of beads onto the collage using thumbtacks. I really enjoyed making this collage because I found a way to turn a lot of the stray, sort of useless objects all about my room, into something I like to look and and can hang on my wall.

For the third piece of artwork that I made I did another collage on a canvas. The first thing I did was paint it, this time it was not a solid coat but had more variation, I used blue and black paint. I went through much of the same process with this collage as with the last, looking through magazines for pictures that caught my eye and browsing through old photos that would work with the feel I was going for. I used duct tape for the picture and watered down glue to paint onto the backs of my magazine images so that it would produce a more thin and even coat. Lastly for an extra touch I used markers to create a few designs on the canvas and on the images and I cut out clouds to stick onto the image of the man by the train tracks.

Wk 4 & 5

The next piece I made was a painting of a nebula. I used watercolors because they do a good job of expanding on the page in a way that looks natural as opposed to the deliberate strokes of a paint brush that would come out using another type of paint. I restricted my mini nebula to a circle shape so that it is more compact and it looks like its own mini universe contained inside a small space.

After that I used colored pencil to color draw a picture of an alien. It is based off of a picture of my little sister.

The next drawing is based off of a picture that I saw. I really liked the picture because the stripes on her cheek show that she’s a warrior even though it may not look it. I used chalk pastels to color her in.

I based another drawing off of a picture of Jennifer Lawrence. Again I used chalk pastels to color. I used mostly muted colors save for the blue of her eyes because I wanted them to pop more.

Wk 6 & 7

In the 6th and 7th weeks I got really into drawing butterflies. I filled up this page with various drawings of butterflies that I drew throughout the weeks. They’re really beautiful creatures and I tried to capture how delicate they are by applying less pressure to the page when drawing creating a fainter, more subtle line than I normally would.

This next drawing is a depiction of a girl hiding her feelings behind a veil of material things, wearing a mask of indifference. At a time when I was feeling somewhat down on life I began to doodle in my notebook. I tried to channel my feeling through drawing and ended up personifying the feelings that I had at the time. This picture was created with pen.

I drew a picture of a man in a spacesuit and behind him were planets and other planetary objects. I used a combination of pens, markers, and pencils to complete this drawing. I think that space is a beautiful thing and this drawing reflects my desire to learn more about the mysteries of the universe.