Q4 Art_Middlebrooks


For the sculpture portion of the assignments this quarter I chose to do origami. I have always thought that origami was interesting. I also saw it as an extreme challenge. In the end I only made three sculptures, but individually they took about 3 hours each to be made the correct way. The finished product is one crane and lotus.





200 Pictures:

I found this assignment to be the most fun and interesting of all of our assignments. The project allowed a lot of freedom and creativity among the different pictures. The majority of my pictures were of either something inside the school or the out doors or just something I thought was interesting.

Picture 1:


Picture 2:
2002 Lamp in the Dark

Picture 3:

2003 River 2

Picture 4:


Picture 5:
2006Funeral Boquet

Photo Editing:

I found to be the most difficult because I was not as well versed on photoshop or any of the photo editing options online. I spent hours trying to edit the three picture that I did get a chance to finish and I am not very satisfied with them. The three edited pictures are my best attempt thus far in my photo editing. 

Edit 1 Before:

Edit b4

Edit 1 After:
Edit 1

Edit 2 Before:

Edit2 b4

Edit 2 After:

Edit 2 B4

Edit 3 Before:

Edit 3 b4

Edit 3 After:

Edit3 After

Copy a Work by A Famous Artist:

I choose to copy the painting "My Cup Runneth Over a Hanging Wall" by Annie Lee because I saw this painting in an online photo gallery that I was scanning through one day. Something about this image seemed so calm and peaceful. I first tried to copy it in paint, but that did not work out so well. I then sketched the piece in pencil and traced over the drawing in black marker. 


annie lee



Bike Drawings:

I found the bike drawings to be quite interesting. I also found them to be difficult. my biggest difficulty was distinguishing between  negative and positive space. In the end I put a lot of time and effort into these drawings. In some of them my confusion is clear.

Bike 1:

Bike 2:

Bike 3:

Outside Observation:

My drawing of an outside observation is one of a set of tree leaves. I love the outdoors and this assignment was one of my favorites of this year. I feel like it was the one I demonstrates my art ability. This piece is probably one of my best. 

Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 8.39.07 AM
Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 8.39.07 AM
Screen shot 2011-06-12 at 8.39.07 AM