Q4 Art Portfolio

Hello, I'm Klarissa Hudson and this is my work from my senior art class. In this class we usually have students who are "passing", "middles", and "college preps." Each section has different artworks to be completed based on their level. I'm in the "passing" group, so I have the smaller and easier assignments to complete. This quarter I had to come up with and create my own assignments so I chose to:

1. Draw a stained glass window

2. Draw an everyday item that I use with only shading to show details

3. Make three things with origami

4. Make a stuffed bear

For my first assignment, I worked to create a stained glass window of my own. I chose a picture of a flower with different colors and shapes around it. For the second assignment, I drew a pair of headphones with shading. I use headphones everyday for hours on end so I drew them with shading to show details. For the third assignment I made three things with origami. So I created a flower, two bunnies, and a fox. And for the fourth assignment I made a stuffed bear with cloth, needle, thread, buttons, cotton, and a bear stencil. Please enjoy and comment if you like; thank you for taking time to look at my work.