Q4 Art Projects

Abstract Emotion

In this drawing, I wanted to show jealousy. I used colored pencils and crayons to do this. I wanted to make it so that on one side of the picture there was a lot of bright colors and that it was very happy. Then, on the other side of the picture I wanted it to make a part that is really small and green. The green representing jealousy of how big and bright the other part of the picture is. 
Abstract Motion
Adventure Time; Jake Tile
I worked with Morgan Taylor on this. We wanted to collaborate on a tile that we'd both be happy with. So, we picked our favorite cartoon; Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. We picked Finn the Human because he is bright and happy. And he is the young hero. We were going to have him have on a happy face but, we thought that it would be cooler as a nervous face. The tile is right when you walk in the classroom and we thought that would be funny for the freshman who were nervous when they came in this year.