Q4 Art Slideshow

    This quarter in art was mostly dedicated, at least for me, to practicing anatomy of human bodies and the such, as its something I'm notoriously bad at drawing. This was likely kicked off by the first week this quarter, where we visited the outside of the Rodin Museum, a place whose "art" is mostly carved statues and the suh, a testament to how the human boy can be represented visually using many different mediums of art. Of course, my medium was limited to paper, I neither have the time or the skill to actually carve out statues out of marble, but the sentiment was still there and would remain for the rest of the quarter. I attempted outlines of people, specked in the distance, as well as full on body shots with slight, mostly eccentric tweaks to the anatomy. 
     Results were mostly mixed. My skills as an artist have always shone best when sketching surreal landscapes or abstract ideas, and a dip into realism didn't serve me well. It was hard enough to get my pieces to look somewhat human(it turns out sketching outlines of silhouettes is extremely hard), and adding on clothes or hair proved to be neigh impossible for me to turn into something organic. Thus I dipped into that somewhat exaggerated art-style. My pieces, humans that is, often have Eastern Animation inspired hairstyle, really posh or impractical clothes(I particularly like drawing capes and scarves), and just a sense of mostly phantasmagorical wonder.