Q4 Artwork Portfolio

My goal in my artwork this quarter was to experiment with different types of painting and improve my painting skills overall. Every piece in my portfolio is a painting, except for the Rodin Museum sketch which was mandatory. With my first piece, I wanted to try to include texture. I have always seen paintings with bumpy textures and I always wondered how painters get their paintings to dry like that. It took me a couple tries, but I accomplished creating an abstract textured painting by using very thick paint and using various tools to create bumps and splatters. My inspiration for my second painting came from my obsession with Disney movies. I decided to paint a picture of Belle and the Beast from Beauty in the Beast because I wanted to make a piece that portrayed people that would be as realistic as I could get them. Since I am not very good at drawing, I decided to draw characters from an animated movie. I chose Beauty and the Beast because it is my favorite Disney movie. In this painting, I first drew Belle, Beast, the table, and the rose in the glass. I then tried to use a wide assortment of colors and blend them to make colors that were as close as possible to the picture I used as reference. My last painting was a poster for a play that I had written in my English class. In this piece, I experimented with calligraphy by writing the text in Times New Roman font. Then, I made the background layered streaks of greens, blues, grey, purple, and black.