Q4 Benchmark: 2012 as a Horror Film

For my Q4 benchmark I decided to recreate a movie trailer for the big studios who have agreed to give me a shot. I decided to recreate the movie 2012 into a horror movie. The main reason why I chose this movie is because I thought it would be interesting seeing what the end of the world movie could be with a horror twist. I feel like this different perspective around it will give the movie trailer a new element around it as well. I thought that this would be an interning concept for this benchmark. I found different scenes from the movie and I used the software iMovie on my computer. I needed to find five scenes from the movie 2012 that I thought would fit best in a horror movie trailer. I also needed to find sound effects, I could use to add more suspense. I used the music and the cut ins and cut outs to my advantage. From this experience I was able to turn the movie 2012 into a great movie trailer.     

My main intention for this project was to design a suspenseful trailer that made people have more questions than answers. I know Giknis is going to be upset with me because she doesn't want follow-up questions but that was the point of my movie trailer. I wanted the audience to be left with more questions than answers. I made sure I included suspenseful music while working with iMovie. I also wanted the title sequence to start with a phone call because I feel like that's how most horror movies start. For examples I was watching the movie Scream before working on my benchmark to brainstorm some good ideas and I feel like the phone call aspect of the opening scene added more suspense because you don't know who the girl is talking to on the phone. I also decided to add the actually scene from the movie trailer 2012 to my trailer remake because I feel like it gives the trailer more character.