Q4 Benchmark Part 3

This was my 3rd Benchmark, a comparison between a character from The Odyssey and any other character. I chose Odysseus and Everett from O’ Brother Where Art Thou’ and got a 96.


English Q3 Benchmark

By: Nicholas Murray

Orange Stream

Odysseus vs. Everett  


Journeys can be long and difficult under certain circumstances and can sometimes seem impossible. But if you have the right team to back you up things might became much easier. Odysseus and Everett both faced odds and at some points, things seemed impossible to do. Odysseus and Everett had very different help throughout there long journey. Even though Everett’s life and Odysseus’s life are similar, Odysseus had more help in the end and overall had an easier journey.


       While Odysseus was gone for 20 years and Everett was only gone for one year but did not have as much determination as Odysseus. For him to have still been searching for his home to his family, even with the possibility of not being wanted or not being recognized. For example, Odysseus didn’t want any thing to stop him or slow him down while heading home. So that the sirens would not make him stray from his path, he told them to restrain him. “First, she warns, we must steer clear of the sirens, their enchanting song, their meadow starred with flowers. I alone was to hear their voices, so she said, but you must bind me with tight chafing ropes so I cannot move a muscle, bound to the spot, erect at the mast-block, lashed by ropes to the mast. And if I plead, commanding you to set me free, then lash me faster, rope, pressing rope.” (The Odyssey Book 12, Page 276, Lines 172-179). In this quote Odysseus tells his men to tie him up so that the he will not be tempted by the sirens, taken off his path and be killed.  When Everett met those beautiful women he was easily seduced and forgot all about his mission, which gave them the chance to drug him. Because of this mistake he lost one of his friend.


       Gods helped out Odysseus while Everett had little help and was being chased. Odysseus had Athena to watch his back throughout his whole journey, which proved helpful to him. “Father, son of Cronus, our high and mighty king, surely he goes down to the death he earned in full! Let them all die so, all who do such things. But my heart breaks for Odysseus…” (The Odyssey Book 1, Page 79, Lines 54-57). She also helped out when the battle with the suitors came, “At his command, concentrating their shots, all six hurled as one but Athena sent the whole salvo wide of the mark (The Odyssey Book 22, Page 447, lines 267-269) … Again the suitors hurled their whetted shafts but Athena sent the better part of the salvo wide (The Odyssey Book 22, Page 447, Lines 285-286).” In both quotes Athena was showing sympathy for Odysseus and because of this she helped him. Everett had no one important looking after him until the very end of his journey, which wasn’t very helpful to him during his actual journey. After he prayed for help for him and his. His prayers caused the higher power to send a flood to stop him from being hung. Unlike Odysseus he does not believe in this higher power and it may never help him again.


Odysseus was missed by his family and was helped by his son to kill the suitors; Everett’s family turned his back on him, which left him with even less help. Odysseus’ son was by his side when he prepared for battle, “He paused with a warning nod, and at that sign Prince Telemachus, son of the king Odysseus, girding his sharp sword on, clamping hand to spear, took his stand by a chair that flanked his father--- his bronze spearpoint glinting now like fire…” (The Odyssey Book 21, Page 438, lines 480-484). Everett had no family member that would lift a finger to help him. His wife kept saying he didn’t know him and that a train hit him. His daughters had also turned their backs on him because of his wife. In the end his wife was still cruel to him. Unlike Odysseus, after Everett, wife finally addressed him as her husband, she still makes his life difficult, and she also makes it seem as though his journey is still going on.


Both Odysseus and Everett had a difficult journey, but in the end Odysseus had better luck than Everett due to the support of his family and his determination of getting home after so long. It is true that Odysseus had it tough in the beginning and lost all his friends. But, near the end of his journey he had so many powerful people helping him he could not fail. Everett had to brave it out with only two friends for nearly all his journey. Odysseus had an easier time when it came to finding his home after being gone for twenty years.