Q4 Benchmark Part 4



How important is it to fit in? -

It is not even important to try and fit in with everyone. If you can’t fit in, then you were not meant to be there. It’s kind of like a puzzle, if the piece doesn’t fit, don’t force it in, it’ll just break or mess everything else up down the road. Basically, it’s not worth killing yourself over fitting in, soon all the pieces will fall into place.




What makes a good story? What kinds of stories do you like?

For me, a good story is one that leaves you unfulfilled and hungry for more at the end. I have never liked stories that have a completely happy ending with nearly all the problems resolved. BORING. I like conflicts and I love it when the ending is sad with so many questions unanswered. For me, it makes the story be interesting and keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book. A book should not give the reader everything they want, and it should make them wait.




Response to reading/hearing/saying the “n” word...

In these days, the N word is not a big thing, plus it is in a book that is centered on the time of slavery. There is no reason anyone should have gotten mad because of that word just because of its context. In addition, so many people have used the N word and being called the N word is a good thing. Just because someone who is not black says it doesn’t make it racist. It is just hypocritical to be offended especially if you are one of those people.   



What is a “hero”? How would you define it?

A hero isn’t afraid to give his life; a hero will save you just in time. This can be interpreted in several ways. A hero isn’t afraid to give his life, for example. Their “life” might not be as extreme; it could be their social life, their possessions or their freedom. So a hero is not afraid to give up something dear to them in order to protect someone. A hero will save you just in time; can also go another way. It can mean that the hero will race to help you out no matter what. It can also mean that they wont let stop something before it gets out of hand, like a rumor. The hero will also take the blame for an ill deed, in order to not get anyone else involved. That is what I think a hero is.