Q4 Benchmark Part 6

This is my second book report of the year. We must do one every semester and I chose to do mine on the Maximum Ride series for the second and last one.



Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel

Nicholas Murray




The book I chose to read was Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel. This book is the 7th book out of the best selling series Maximum Ride. The books in order are “The Angel Experiment”, “School’s out – Forever”, “Saving the World and other Extreme Sports”, “The Final Warning”, “Max: A Maximum Ride Novel”, “Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel” and the latest one “Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel”. The author of my book is James Paterson, who is also the author of Daniel X books.


Leading up to this book Max (the main character) has been set out on a mission to save the world. Max is a girl who has wings and has developed amazing abilities. Along with her flock with Iggy, Gazzy, Angel, Nudge and their new member Dylan they are determined to save us all. Along the way they have conflicts with other people like there enemies and revivals, with society for being different, and with themselves. In this book Fang, Max’s ex-boyfriend and the person who left the flock starts a new flock. His flock included Maya (Max’s clone), Ratchet (super senses), Holden (regeneration), Kate (super strong) and Star (super speed). Jeb, Dr. Hans, Max’s mom and her stepsister Ella all disappear one after another. First Dr. Hans disappears when they all go to meet the Gen 77 kids but the plane is ripped apart by wires with him being last seen in there, Jeb and her mom left while Angel, Dylan and Max go to meet some of the Gen 77 kids who could care less about humans. Ella disappeared after she was un-brainwashed after the Doomsday group (DG) made her a “zombie”. After this Max’s flock and Fang’s flock decide to join forces to stop the DG. If they don’t the DG will kill all the humans.


They soon all head to Paris (after a few disagreements) in order to infiltrate a DG rally. After they are invited Angel and Gazzy go under cover to get to the source. While the rest of her flock blend in, she sends max a thought (one of her many powers) saying there is trouble and max comes to find enough bombs and gas to kill all the Gen 77 kids and poison thousand of people. Gazzy (the 9 year old bomb expert) and Angel stay to disarm them while the others fight and try evacuate the Gen 77 kids. In the end the some of the bombs go off and everyone but Angel seems to escape. The 2 flocks split again, Max’s heart broken. Angel wakes up blind folded and strapped to a table unable to move or read anyone’s mind, alone. A strange person tell her everything will be ok,  “You’re very special. We’re going to take good care of you.” She cries.


My favorite character in this book is Angel. She has many skills like being able to fight like Chuck Norris, mind reading, being able to control people and her intelligence. And on top of that the fact that she is only 7, which is impressive. Also, in this book she was not as evil as before with always back stabbing her flock. She has always been border lined between good and evil but shaped up in this book. And I like how that no matter how tough she is, she is still human enough to cry.  


I could really relate to angel, but mainly in this book. In this book Angel was trying her best to redeem herself from all the treachery in the best so she stepped her game up. She gave it her all and even risked her own life, and in the end, Max forgave her. I’ve the same way too. Done something horrible and lost someone’s trust and have to try my best to get it back. The theme of this book is that no matter have different you are (like the flock) you are still human. Their actions are the same as any other person.


This was an amazing book for me to read. The book was very engaging to the reader was very descriptive and had a good balance of action and the actual story. This book also had some good unanswered question so that the reader will want to read the next book. It would be better if the action scenes were more vivid and I could a better comprehension of what was happening during the fights. I would also enjoy it more if the were a little more action. I recommend this book and I recommend you read the earlier books in the series. Also, I recommend you read The End of Maximum Ride, the 8th and final book in the series, coming February 2012! Also look out for other books by James Patterson.