Q4 BM- Independent Reading Project

Overview: This independent reading review project consisted of us reading a book that interested us and righting a review on it. In the review, personal opinions were accounted for as well as if we would recommend this book to another person. The main purpose was to talk about the book, but mixing up some spices without adding in the entire flavor before the meet starts to cook.
In other words keeping the reader entertained was the main purpose as well as making the book sound interesting without giving away all the details. This is now my edited version of the assignment, since slight adjustments had to be made.


Book Review

Jason and Kyra is a book that has been written by Dana Davidson. The book was published in December 2005 and has reached a sales rank of about 31,000 books. Jason and Kyra won a couple awards, which are the Virginia’s choice award, National book award, and the Michael L. Prints award.

In Jason and Kyra the main characters are Jason and Kyra, hence the name of the book. In the story they seem to live in totally separate worlds, although they are both seniors at Cross High School. Jason being the totally popular jock that everyone wants and Kyra being the quiet girl that just doesn’t seem to stand out to many.

Their worlds seem to collide when they are both assigned to be partners for a project, of course Kyra didn’t seem too excited since she didn’t expect that Jason was smart. On the other side Jason looked forward to working with Kyra. As time goes by Kyra realizes that Jason is truly smart and has such potential when it comes to being in the classroom. They both start to gain a small connection for each other and Jason tells Kyra things that he isn’t even comfortable telling to his best friend.

Sooner than later, Kyra and Jason began to bond and end up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Only there is one problem, since Jason was known to be and jock and the popular one and Kyra was the silent girl that was mainly into the books, Jason’s ex girlfriend would do anything in her power to see them apart. Like Jason’s ex many people didn’t want them together asking them why they were together and on top of that Jason’s ex was trying to get him back, which many could say was hard. But Jason and Kyra found in each other beauty, confidence, and with that they learned to love one another and get past societies thoughts.

Throughout this story Jason was my favorite character. He was able to live above what others thought about his relationship and smarts, and decided that being himself was the best thing to do in his situation. Also, another reason that Jason was my favorite character was because he was able to thrive in his path to success and what was on him mind usually became the prize.

With that in mind, I believe that readers will be able to take away a lot from this book. Many can learn that confidence can lead a good path and that sometimes other people’s negative opinions don’t matter. Also, some people will take out of this book that in life you have to learn to be willing to surpass those little things in life that wont better your well being. Lastly, this book teaches you to chase after your dreams because your dreams surely wont chase after you.

Personally, from this book I am able to relate to Jason and Kyra because they were both confident when it came to getting what they wanted and they seemed to be the outcast of the school, which isn’t always bad. Of course they were known as outcasts because not many people wanted them to be together, but the fact that they fought through it is what made their love stronger for each other. Like Jason I wasn’t always able to speak to the people that I thought were close to me, so that is probably what made me enjoy the book even more.

The book to me was well written and I surely enjoyed the way that the author portrayed the character’s feelings throughout the story, which made me attracted to the book as a reader. Although, I feel as though the book could have talked more about Jason’s ex girlfriend and her feelings toward Kyra. Also, the author could have possibly written more about Jason’s ex girlfriend and let her speak throughout the book; therefore I found that portion too be a weakness of the piece. Even though, this book had its weakness’ like any other book, I would definitely recommend this to other people because it teaches others the benefits of confidence, unconditional love, and inner & outer beauty.